Michael Bastian on the “Take Ivy” look

Didn’t go to an Ivy League school? Never played a team sport in your life? No problem! Jock-inspired styles cribbed from the golden age of collegiate athletics will win big for spring…

“The jockier version is the more authentic version” of the midcentury Brown or Dartmouth man, designer Michael Bastian said. “It wasn’t dandified or conscious—at the heart of it, it’s just guys being guys.” For all the scholarly and social cachet the term confers, the Ivy League is, strictly speaking, nothing more than an athletic conference.

Mr. Bastian has zeroed in on a sports theme in his new line for Gant. As part of the venerable Swedish-owned label’s larger effort to return to its American roots, his three collections for the brand to date have been inspired by lacrosse, baseball players and New England cross-country skiers.

Once the world’s largest shirt manufacturer, Gant helped define the original Ivy League Look, along with J. Press and Brooks Brothers. Lately, it has ramped up its efforts to reclaim that heritage. In November, Gant opened a store in New Haven, Conn., the company’s birthplace, in the heart of the Yale campus. And in an attempt to restock its archives, the shop is inviting customers to swap their old Gant shirts for new ones.

(From WSJ.)