Michael Bastian’s SEALs: Still Trendy

The Navy SEALs have been getting a fair amount of (well-deserved) attention recently. I therefore felt it timely to revisit one of the inspirations behind Michael Bastian’s S/S 11 collection — those very SEALs.

This New York Times blog post suggested that the inspiration translated to “ripped, and not just a little hairy”. This GQ account was more forgiving, describing the collection as “perfectly tailored for the sun-bronzed, gym-readied, collar-flipped dandy … Activewear (in the form of surf trunks and scuba jams), cashmere sweaters (embroidered as well as color-blocked), and classic suits both one-button and double-breasted”.

Interestingly, Google search trends suggest that inquiring minds have not necessarily been thinking about al-Qaeda, terrorism, or torture. The death of the world’s most-wanted man, it seems, has the country thinking about something else entirely: how to get buff.

According to this Daily Beast post, “Navy SEAL training” and “Navy SEAL workout” were the only bin Laden-related search terms in the Top 10 on Wednesday. Indeed, if his most recent collection were any indication, Bastian’s fans best get into shape in time for MB S/S 12!

On the runway:

Off the runway: