Michael Bastian and “Badass” Navy SEALs

From this Details post:

A polo can be the nerdiest thing in the world, so how do you make a polo cool today? After I watched this documentary on some badass Navy Seals, they became the inspiration for the season, so we had a lot of scuba references throughout the collection. Finally, we thought, ‘Let’s just smash these ideas together and do a scuba polo.’

The polo makes these underwater references with nylon shoulder details, a plastic zip, and a yellow puller — all in a slimmer fit than we’ve done before. And we made the whole thing in black piqué — which we don’t really do all too often, because I’m more a navy guy — but the black just made sense as a nod to neoprene scuba gear. In real life, something like this should be worn with chopped off shorts or chinos or a pair of jeans with loafers. I rarely would recommend the head-to-toe scuba, like on the runway. The show’s just meant to prove a point and promote an image, but wearing it in real life calls for something a lot more organic.