Michael Bastian on the Street

Below, a Fuck Yeah Menswear post featuring Nick Wooster in “blaze orange” GANT by Michael Bastian trousers.

The trousers are from the GANT by Michael Bastian F/W 10 collection.

On the Runway:

On the Street:

You have to get up early to be this fucking badass.

Crack of dawn steeze.

Hear my fucking call.

I am a Wooster.

The sun is rising and I’m already clownin’ fools. Don’t try this shit at home.

Only the Wooster.

Wearing my Blaze Orange Michael Bastys.

I fuck with menswear and Orange is my safety word.

I am not your Grandpa.

I am not colorblind.

I am not peacocking.

I am a Wooster.