Michael Bastian Imparts Wisdom To Blogger Crowd

From The GQ Eye:

On so-called style rules: “The minute you say, ‘Never do that,’ is the minute you’re going to see someone doing it, and killing it.”

On quality: “If you wear a polo shirt and chinos to work every day, why shouldn’t you have the best example of those pieces?”

On the now infamous topless moment supermodel Missy Rayder had during his Fashion Week show: “It wasn’t intentional.”

On the renewed relevance of NYFW: “Back when I was with Bergdorf’s, it seems silly to say it, but we would come back from overseas and just skip New York Fashion Week altogether… I give a lot of credit to Thom Browne, he was the first guy to really rattle the cage and say, ‘Hey! Pay attention to American designers.'”

On couples and how they dress: “You don’t often see a couple where it’s a fashion guy, and a fashion girl, or a classic guy and a classic girl, that’s more like brother and sister. It’s more like a Wall Street banker and a Vogue editor. But fashion guy and fashion guy, that you do see!”

On men’s taste: “Guys always want to look like themselves, just a little bit better; they don’t wake up every day wanting to be a new person, and most aren’t willing to take crazy risks.”