Michael Bastian Smells Like Bubblegum

From The Cut:

At last night’s GQ Gentlemen’s Ball in New York, we caught up with a very dapper-looking Michael Bastian, who won the 2011 CFDA Award for Menswear Designer of the Year. He elaborated on the physical CFDA trophy, which is more elusive for its winners than you’d think, as well as his penchant for pedicures and mentholated body scrub.

So are you still amazed by your CFDA Award, or do you not think about it anymore?
I am amazed by it. It’s on my desk, and I stroke it every now and then; I can’t believe it’s real. It also took a month or two for it to arrive.

Oh, you don’t carry it home from the award ceremony?
No, no. The whole process is such a weird situation, because you go up there, they hand you something, you do your speech, you walk through that gauntlet of press interviews and then this very sweet girl from the CFDA is like, “Thank you!” and takes it back.

Wait, why?
Because they have to engrave it or something.

So at the CFDA awards they really don’t know who is going to win until it’s announced onstage?
I guess they don’t know who’s going to win. And then a door opens and they shove you back in your seat, and you’re sitting there, like, did that really happen? And then you get the award two months later, and it’s all fresh again. It comes in this box that’s like a little sarcophagus, all foam-fitted.

So you went out to parties that night, and people wondered where it was.
“Where’s your trophy?” Exactly. I wanted to, like, sleep with it, you know, flaunt it all over the place. It’s delayed gratification. But she’s finally on my desk.

You once said that men should get pedicures if they wear flip flops.
Yeah, isn’t that like the minimum responsibility? Actually, at our GANT show every single model had to get a pedicure. And you would think if you’re a model that you’d take general, basic care of yourself. But these male models, I think they just grew up so beautiful that they look good whenever, even if they never take a shower. So you basically have to expect that they’re a disaster and you have to take care of everything.

So you do get manicures and pedicures?
I do it myself.

How much grooming do you do? Do you moisturize and use concealer?
I have a very wonderful bath ritual. Like, now that it’s cold I’ll take a bath, and trim my nails and do a body scrub. I use this Clinique stuff that feels like sandpaper and smells like bubblegum. It’s the women’s line, and it’s all mentholated and minty fresh … Should I be saying all this? This is very confessional.