GQ Spotlights GANT by Michael Bastian Sweater

Gant by Michael Bastian Lambswool Cardinal Sweater

What I like about these patterned sweaters is there’s a certain heritage; patterns used to be very pure, whether Peruvian or Nordic or Fair Isle. Now we have this incredible hybrid. A sweater can have not just a snowflake, but also something whimsical. What I love about Michael Bastian is he’s always looking to do something fun. This is the anti-Christmas sweater. It’s taking this nerd-ball concept and making it cooler. Sometimes these knits are heavy but this is a Shetland, so it’s lightweight. You can wear it with an oxford cloth shirt and a tie or wear a T-shirt under it and jeans. – Jim Moore of GQ

1. ‘My Affair’ wishes a very Happy Birthday to none other than Bastian PR supremo Eugenia Gonzalez Ruiz-Olloqui!
2. On a more unhappy note, ‘My Affair”s thoughts and prayers go out to Valet Editor-at-Large Michael Macko, who is going through a difficult time.