Michael Bastian’s Studio: In Pictures

As seen in Out, with captions from our very own Michael Bastian:

MB: If you’ve ever seen my apartment—that waiting room area is like a mini-version. With the pictures stacked together. I guess I have one decorating speed. I even have a big Chinese vase with pussy willows in my apartment.

A print from artist Robert Longo’s “Men in the Cities,” series hangs above the front desk.

Belts displayed on vintage luggage.

Eugenia: The base of that table is a sawhorse that used to be in Michael’s brother’s backyard. And Rose, who works with us, made the glass top.

A woven trash-bin under Bastian’s desk resembles a large frog with his mouth agape.

MB: This used to be in my childhood bedroom.

MB: (referring to a large double-sided cork board in the center of his studio) This is the most used thing in the office, this big school board. It’s where we work out the run of show, models-
Eugenia: -We decide on the looks-
MB: -It was the first piece of furniture we bought. Everything revolves around it.

MB: This is the inspiration board for last season. Obviously, it was heavily influenced by James Dean.

The reception area that greets guests at Bastian’s studio.

MB: We moved in here in the end of December of 2010. People don’t realize that we used to work out of our apartments. We’re still a small operation. There’s only four full-time people. We have some part-time people and interns, but it’s basically just four. You used to have to go to Eugenia’s apartment, or my apartment, which was kind of nice. It was really fun, we made some great relationships with editors that way. They became a part of our lives—they were in our personal space. People love when someone is just starting out.

MB: This is more of the ‘idea’ place. The real designing happens in either Sweden for GANT or Italy and Portugal for the mainline. I almost feel like New York time is my lazy time. Which is important if you’re a designer.
Eugenia: It’s more like your PR time.
MB: It is. And it’s the time I gather ideas. Walk around the city and get inspired. When I’m abroad, it’s pure work.

MB: Yeah, we’re lucky because one of the people on our team, Rose, is an architect, so she did the lighting plan. She installed the lighting system. She made the couch. We did a lot of Ebaying.

MB: This has kind of become a menswear building. I have a lot of good friends who already had spaces here. Simon Spurr, Thom Browne, Adam Kimmel—the only one missing is Scott Sternberg of Band of Outsiders. It’s easy for editors to come work your way down the elevator, or for the messengers to just pick up everything in one place. I like that we’re in what feels like a men’s building. Plus we’re right near the Highline, and the light is good.

Fabric swatches.

What could be a stuffy decorative bust gets a whimsical makeover courtesy of some red sunglasses.

Detail shot from Bastian’s desk.

A detailed shot of images from Bastian’s inspiration board for spring 2012.

MB: That desk used to be in my apartment.
Eugenia: And we had those fabric chairs made for us. The stripes match the couch, so it kinda creates its own little story.

A picture of the iconic Grace Jones looms over the designer’s desk: “I scored this when I went to a Grace Jones-themed night they once had at Eastern Bloc in the East Village,” he says.

MB’s CFDA Award sits on his desk.

MB: When we first started looking, we were looking in Chinatown, but you have to think, “Will anyone ever come visit you?”

MB’s Spring 2012 collection hangs in the showroom with the accessories.

Tassel loafers.

Detail shot of Bastian’s reception area.