Michael Bastian Cargo Pants Sell Out After GQ Spotlight

After being spotlighted in GQ here, these Michael Bastian “Snap Zip” Cargoes have sold out from Park & Bond, where they were originally available for $545.

They are terrific pants, and yet another example of the typical American classic-with-a-tweak that Michael Bastian does so well. Also noteworthy that these were made in Portugal, where Bastian has some of his stuff made after his line’s relaunch.

Here’s what GQ‘s Jim Moore had to say about them:

This is the best cargo pant on the planet. It solves everything a guy is concerned about with cargos. It has a sophistication and a slimness, it fits like your favorite pair of khakis, and it’s not overly pocketed. With just one pocket, you’ve got the right amount of utility. Side pockets, unless you’re a really slim guy, just are not that attractive.