Michael Bastian Discusses Perry Ellis Influence

From this New York Times contribution:

FOR men of a certain generation, the Perry Ellis look of the early 80s was a classic: impeccably constructed khaki pants and a crisp white or blue cotton shirt, perhaps paired with a buttery soft trench coat, all of it conveying a kind of effortless elegance.

“When Perry Ellis was alive, no one did it better,” Michael Bastian, the men’s wear designer, said recently. “I think about him all the time. He was able to be modern and yet not come off antiseptic. He’s the single greatest influence on my design life.”

MB has long been called (including by ‘My Affair’) the next Ralph Lauren.

Now that people are more aware of the late Perry Ellis as a significant source of MB’s inspiration, how long before they call him “the next Perry Ellis”?

(Photo credit: M. Macko)