Daily Beast Puts Zuckerberg In Michael Bastian

In this hilarious feature, The Daily Beast contemplates what it would be like if Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg wore — among other labels — Michael Bastian.

Mark Zuckerberg: America’s greatest innovator, modern genius and, of course, champion of the hoodie. In the last few years we’ve become accustomed to seeing the Facebook CEO in a sweatshirt, mom jeans, and a pair of running shoes. But now that the company is poised for its highly-anticipated IPO, Zuckerberg can finally laugh all the way… to Barneys. Here, we’ve suggested a few looks from this summer’s collections that could help Zuck polish up for his next venture—or, at the very least, for next time he ventures out. (We’ve ranked the gallery in increasing order of difficulty to pull off). Plus, it’s about time he added “complete wardrobe makeover” to that Timeline.

Michael Bastian

Paging James Dean? He may not be our national heartthrob, but with a little Michael Bastian in his wardrobe (and a lot of styling), Zuckerberg could make more than a few heads turn on his morning strut into Facebook’s offices.