Michael Bastian x Suzuki?

First he was honored by BMW as one of six pioneers.

Now he’s done it again.

Renowned Japanese automaker Suzuki has featured our very own Michael Bastian in its “Way of Life” campaign. As it provides:

Michael Bastian´s Comfort Food Secret

Michael Bastian is a designer, he creates luxury level classic American apparel for his own label as well as a creative collaborator with renown global brands ranging from sunglasses to flip-flops. Based in Manhattan he´s a truly global citizen with retail outlets in several countries around the world but it´s to a quiet town north of the Big Apple that he returns to recharge his batteries.

Vintage Cafe…
There´s a time and a place for everything, they say. The time for eating designer Michael Bastian´s favorite dish of Lobster with Mac and Cheese is when he´s taking a break from the fast–paced world of fashion — and the place is The Vintage Cafe in the relaxed town of Beacon, New York. It´s a place to where he travels often for comfort food that restores the spirit. A sizable portion of this classic pasta dish accompanies fresh Lobster and the eclectic surroundings make for a unique and nostalgic, gastronomic experience.

Michael Bastian´s favorite Drive

Designer Michael Bastian´s hectic schedule of runway shows and seasonal clothing collections is occasionally put on pause as life takes a more sedate pace. Drive a couple of hours from his office in Manhattan to find his sanctuary. Beacon, New York is a historic town with antique shops, restaurants and friendly locals. To get there you journey North along the Sawmill River Parkway, as the mighty Hudson River guides you to the town it feels like you´re transported back in time. In contrast to the fast pace of his profession, it´s not so much when you get there it´s how you arrive.

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