Michael Bastian Styles Lauded By GQ

For several years now, ‘My Affair’ has been dismissive of the characterization of Michael Bastian as a “mere merchant,” but there is no question that he creates spectacular items of clothing that also happen to sell like hotcakes.

It is truly no exaggeration to say that ‘My Affair’ is impressed by MB’s work each and every season. The brilliant, calculated stylistic decisions MB employs are never at the forefront of his collections — those decisions somehow take a back-seat and become superceded by a spontaneity and verve that is “very Michael Bastian.”

This month, ‘My Affair’ is very proud to find that GQ has listed two of MB’s items in its “GQ Selects” feature. More below.

From GQ:

Michael Bastian Three-Button Jacket
Michael Bastian keeps surprising us with these pieces that have an old-man cool element to them. The windowpane is one of those patterns we thought was dead forever, and then Michael brings it back and recolors it in this rust and olive, out of a scratchy wool. It works as a piece of outerwear in the early fall, and then when it’s freezing outside you can pair with a shirt and tie and wear it in the office or a turtleneck and jeans on the weekend—it’s incredibly versatile. Because of the way Michael has cut it and fashioned it, it’s something incredibly non-traditional, but still has that traditional appeal.

Michael Bastian Stripe Shirt
Whenever I think of clothes with a lot of spirit I think of Michael Bastian, and this is a case in point, where he’s taken a simple Bengal stripe shirt and amped it up in this tomato orange color that matches wonderfully to grays, navies, and earth tones. Bastian’s button-down collars tend to be a bit higher and longer, so they sit well under a cardigan, tweed jacket, or your dressiest suit, with a tie or without. It’s a shirt that’s anchored in classic menswear, but has a bit of continental flair.