Michael Bastian Feted By Bon Appetit

(Center: Eugenia Gonzalez Ruiz-Olloqui, Michael Bastian)

From Bon Appetit:

That resounding sigh of relief you’ve heard all morning throughout New York City? Yeah, that’s the thousands of models, designers, reporters, seamstresses, and everyone else who makes New York’s fashion scene tick quietly celebrating the end of Fashion Week. Maybe you’ve noticed a little thing called Bon Appétit’s Feast or Fashion happening in these parts–we’ve thrown some awesome parties with Rachel Roy and Chris Benz and teamed up with 50 restaurants across the city to offer special #bafeastorfashion tasting menus.

Well, when Fashion Week ends, Feast or Fashion sadly comes to a close as well. But it didn’t go out quietly. We decided to throw a party for big name designer Michael Bastian instead.

Last night we took over Perry St., the charming neighborhood restaurant owned by [famed restaurateur] Jean-Georges Vongerichten and run by his son Cedric Vongerichten. Maybe the best part about throwing a fancy dinner party at Perry St. is the chance to go to town on a plate of the restaurant’s legendary fried chicken …