Michael Bastian’s Ideal Client is … Michael Bastian

And who can blame him?

From Saks’ Point of View:

We love Michael Bastian’s preppy, yet sophisticated menswear looks. Fresh off showing his spring 2013 runway show, the CFDA award-winning designer takes us behind the scenes at his design headquarters where the magic happens to talk about his inspiration.

Workplace… This is our first space. It’s nice to have one big open space. There’s no stratification in our company. It feels like Silicon Valley.

Office essentials… Good lighting. The first thing we did was install track lighting. Actually, it feels exactly like my living room at my home.

Fall collection is inspired by… All the young dandies today. We were inspired by an article in the New York Times from 1974 about the phenomenon of guys that every hostess keeps on her short list to invite to parties when they wanted to balance out men to women. They were good looking, really well dressed, could keep the ball in the air, good conversationalists — and could tell a dirty joke at just the right time.

The Michael Bastian client… I really personalize it. That guy is really me. I’m our test market, our control. It’s nice to base everything on a real person and not this mythological idea of a person. I enjoy being a man designing menswear. It’s like when Donna Karan started with the seven pieces. It was very personal. I have very specific ideas of what I needed, what every guy needs.

Favorite piece from Fall… The Charlie Brown sweater [see below].

When I’m not designing… I’m always working. It’s not like a 9 to 5 job. I could never turn my brain off. The minute I’m not thinking about work, maybe I’m watching a movie or I’m out to dinner with friends, your brain does this amazing thing where it starts sending you good ideas. It’s almost like when you’re trying to think of someone’s name that you’ve forgotten. The minute you stop trying to remember it, your brain sends you an email. In a way, it’s the same with design.