Michael Bastian Could Usher In New Era

Michael Bastian is used to punching above his weight in New York, and the latest news out of that city proves no exception. Recall that MB skipped a September show this year.

Now, as many outlets report, the CFDA may be considering the introduction of a “Men’s Fashion Week” in 2015. From here:

With the exception of the relatively few New York-based designers who can afford to pack up and showed small presentations in Paris during the June European men’s shows (which is a significant expense for young b[r]ands) or those that have moved to showing in these cities altogether, U.S. designers will have to wait until September to show their S/S 2015 collections, and this is actually quite detrimental to their businesses.

The staging of a New York Men’s Week (or several days) each January and June (in line with the European show schedule) would be worthwhile for several reasons, but maybe most importantly, New York-based designers are at a substantial disadvantage in terms of buying. . . .

And here:

Men’s collections have never been a huge focus at New York Fashion Week, partly because the timing is all off. NYFW takes place in September and February, but menswear buyers place orders in the summer, after the shows in Europe. “One of the biggest puzzles in the industry is why we’re showing menswear on the runway three months after we’ve bought it,” Bloomingdale’s men’s fashion director Kevin Harter told the New York Times. . . .

As you can see, MB’s influential voice could clearly usher in a new era in American menswear. But that really shouldn’t be surprising to anybody who follows ‘My Affair’.