Michael Bastian Named Designer All-Star

From here:

It took a decade to bring you this much awesomeness. Every year since 2007, GQ has anointed the Best New Menswear Designers in America. But for our tenth anniversary, we did even more: invited our four favorites back to create special capsule collections that’ll be sold (for a hot second, at least) at Gap stores this fall. And the best of the best are…

The King of Suave > Michael Bastian

Established: 2006
GQ class of: 2007, 2011
Hometown: New York City

• 2005: Bastian peaces out as men’s fashion director at Bergdorf Goodman to follow a dream: launching his own Italian-made brand of “menswear building blocks at a luxury level.” Good idea: He soon wins his first GQ Best New Menswear Designer award.

• 2010: Starts a four-year run designing a Gant line infused with Wes Anderson whimsy. He then wins a second BNMDA nod, the only man to ever repeat.

• 2013: For Uniqlo, designs polo shirts with pocket flaps and quirky prints—the first (and only) time we’ve wanted to wear the waving Japanese “lucky cat.”

• 2016: His hundred-piece namesake line includes everything from gym clothes to formalwear—so the Gap collection, at maybe a dozen pieces, ought to be easy…right? “It’s a great challenge,” Bastian tells us. “It’s the difference between a novel and a good short story. They’re equally powerful.”

Much credit to the other All-Stars (Saturdays NYC, John Elliott, and Steven Alan) as My Affair helps celebrate MB’s versatility in design; commitment to quality; and overall ingenuity.